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The Cocktail Matrix™ is the new standard in flavor enhancement, the science that can predict which ingredients will work well together.

Cockpit view: ingredients, volumes, percentages, targets, templates, glasses all in one view.

The Cocktail Matrix™: see how each ingredient relates to each other as computed by comparing thousands of volatile aromatic molecules.

Search hundreds of ingredients by name, category, aroma and/or flavor.

Personalize your search results by creating your own Tapestry of Taste™.

Want to add an ingredient that has apple aroma AND a bitter flavor AND match it only against a selection of ingredients in the recipe? The Cocktail Matrix™ has your back!

No magic! The Matrix shows how each ingredient relates to each other.

Add flavor and aroma descriptions to help educate your tastebuds.

The Cocktail Matrix™ comes with a full library of cocktail classics and you can save your own recipes too.

The Cocktail Matrix™ is not just for cocktails. We have a separate food program with the option to match a cocktail to food and vice versa.

Enter the Matrix and become as smart as a 3 chef!

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